The Feathered Horse

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Fryso Saddles

Legacy Model - This is by far our biggest seller. Deep seat dressage saddle made with smooth leather. The sizes listed below are just the ones we currently have in stock and will be updated frequently. If you need another size, let us know and we will order one. The tree sizes...

Price: $ 2,800.00


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Fryso Legacy

By far the most popular of the Fryso saddles worldwide.
This saddle has a deep seat and bulky knee-rolls, offering the rider much support. The
anatomically-formed knee-rolls help the rider to maintain a correct leg, improving the intensity of the aids....
Price: $ 2,800.00


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Fryso Professional

This saddle is designed for those aspiring to the higher levels of dressage. The special rolls, give support to the leg at the lofty movements of the collected gaits.
Optimal contact and action here are the main goals.

The rolls are anatomically...

Price: $ 3,600.00


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Friesian CutBack Saddle

Price: $ 2,595.00