About Us

My name is LuAnn Grover and I purchased The Feathered Horse from the Robert DeBoer family in May 2011. The Feathered Horse was started by Lesa Nelson and Arlene DeBoer purchased it from her in late 1999.

I have owned Friesian horses since 2004 and enjoy every aspect of these beautiful creatures. I ride dressage, drive, trail ride, breed and help train my horses. They have been a source of healing and comfort for me in troubled times.
After working in the corporate world for many years, I am now living my dream with my horses and this business. My goal is to provide you with everything you want and need for your Friesian horse.

We are pleased to be able to announce our association with Tweespan, a Friesian horse tack store in the Netherlands. Tweespan is the creator of the Fryso saddle, a handmade saddle designed specifically for the Friesian horse. The Feathered Horse is the sole distributor of the Fryso saddle in North America for Tweespan. Be sure to check our catalog page for information on how to order not only the Fryso saddle but also many other tack items available to you thanks to our association with Tweespan.